Wednesday, 28 October 2015

RCP Reviews - Power Rangers Megaforce "The Messenger" & "End Game"

In this edition am I joined by StaticRift, Oliver and Morningstar as we take a look at the final two episodes of Power Rangers Megaforce.
Ever since we reviewed 'The Human Condition' these are two episodes I wanted to check out for the show for a long time.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

RCP Reviews - Tenkai Knights episode 1 "Two Worlds"

In this edition I am joined by StaticRift, Morningstar and Oliver as we take a look at episode 1 of Tenkai Knights.
Won't lie, wasn't expecting the reaction we got from this one, especially when Oliver starting laughing like crazy or when Adam started looking up the toy line.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

RCP Reviews - Mummies Alive episode 1 "Ra, Ra, Ra, Ra"

Seeing how it's a Saturday morning and I've not updated for a few days, here's a review of a Saturday morning cartoon.

In this edition I am joined by StaticRift, Oliver and Morningstar as we sat down to watch/discuss the 1st episode of Mummies Alive, 'Ra, Ra, Ra, Ra'!
Will we cover more episodes? Only time will tell.

Monday, 31 August 2015

RCP Reviews - Pirates

In this edition I am joined by StaticRift, Oliver and MorningStar as we take a look at the Poundland animated movie 'Pirates'.

Funny enough, I didn't realise how many different names this movie had, 'The Pirates of Tortuga: Under the Black Flag' being one of them.
Or the rich history involving the 3 main heroes, who are the stars of a comic series called Abrafaxe.
I was hoping there were more movies but sadly no, looks like this was their only one.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Random Fan Films - Doctor Who: Fire and Ice 2009

Originally recorded as an episode of RCP, this was sort of a pilot of sorts for what became Random Fan Films.
Please find below the original podomatic notes:

Part 2 of the Doctor Who fanfilm discussion continues with David Nagel, Miles (AKA Manmiles) and myself FINALLY getting around to what we were meant to be reviewing.

Doctor Who 2009: Fire and Ice was the 1st episode in a Doctor Who fan-series which became a hit with fans online. For more info I recommend checking out this link:

Fanfilm Follies Article -

Fun fact J.E.Smith who wrote the above article also wrote the 2nd episode in this series, which has only had a trailer released so far.
It's a well put together trailer and I just hope one day we'll get to see the finished episode.
Regardless please enjoy.

For the original fan film, please check this link:

Be sure to check out the re-edit by JESmith87:

Thursday, 13 August 2015

RCP Reviews - Merlin And the War of the Dragons

AKA episode 254 of the Random Crap Podcast!

In this edition I was joined by StaticRift, Oliver and Morningstar to watch/discuss the Asylum's Merlin and the War of the Dragons movie.
Fun fact in the UK this movie is called 'Merlin and the War of the Dragon Emperor' because apparently the original title wasn't long enough, LOL.
Might explain why I found this DVD in a Poundland style shop.

Please support the official release:

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

RCP Reviews - The Great Easter Egg Hunt

Welcome to our insanely late Easter special folks and in this edition I was joined by StaticRift, Oliver and Morningstar.
We originally recorded this the same day as the Dear Dracula episode but it got a delayed release due to editing troubles.

Regardless please enjoy us discussing this bizarre Toy Story knock off involving easter eggs, the Cadbury's chocolate Bunny and talking toys by Golden Films.